About Us

"There is more to life than hair.......but it's a start". 

That's the slogan on one of my bottles of conditioner by Aussie. It pretty much sums up the philosophy of www.realhairrepublic.com. This project was borne out of the desire to promote healthy hair care practices and dispel the myth that black hair can't grow. Here in Nigeria, the availability of quality products for natural, relaxed, transitioning, and texlaxed hair is steadily growing. Haircare forums and events have exploded. It's all very exciting and www.realhairrepublic.com are thrilled to be a part of it. By providing access to great products and healthy hair information, we aim to build a community where knowledge is shared and support is given, and where we can celebrate the attainment of our hair goals.

 So are you willing to help your hair fulfill its potential? Are you ready to be reunited with your long-lost hairline?? Are you willing to stop showering all the affection on your weave and embrace and care for your real hair? And by "real hair" let me clarify that we do not discriminate here between natural and relaxed, because if it's growing out of your scalp, it's yours!! If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then unite with us. Join the republic!